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Earning Ad Revenue From Youtube – How And How Much?

FeaturedVid Aug 23

The expanding creator economy on YouTube has resulted in the emergence of a variety of unique monetization strategies. However, while there are a lot of methods, nothing can take the place of high-quality content and an attentive audience. If you are able to tap into your creative approach and provide content that is valuable to your audience, then it is actually possible to make a significant amount of money on YouTube these days.

Youtube offers an easy way to start earning. You have the option of signing up for the YouTube Partner Program after you have reached the threshold of one thousand subscribers. You will be able to start generating cash from advertising then. However, before you can become a partner, you will need to fulfil a few extra conditions. Your videos need to adhere to the advertising requirements of the site and have received more than 4,000 legitimate public watch hours during the previous year. After ensuring that you satisfy all of the prerequisites, you will be able to submit an application by going to the “monetization” area of your profile and clicking there. You have the opportunity to make money as a partner through advertisements, the benefits of membership, and services such as Super Chat, which allow viewers to pay to have their comments highlighted throughout a live stream.

The typical revenue that can be expected from 1,000 ad views on a YouTube channel is around $18. When you take into account the percentage of advertisements that are actually watched, this corresponds to around $4 for every 1,000 times an ad is viewed. When your account hits $100, you will be given payment. Let’s say it takes around 1,000 people to watch a video in order to generate $4 in revenue from viewers who viewed advertisements. Therefore, in order to get $100 from those advertisements, you will need 25,000 people to view your movie. That’s a rough calculation of how much money you could potentially make on YouTube.


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