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The story of Victoria Secret, a Brand that Changed the World

FeaturedVid Apr 19

Victoria’s Secret is synonymous with sexiness and boldness. If you wear one of their undergarments, it gives you the courage to face the world. The story of Victoria’s Secret is interesting because the founder Roy Raymond wanted to buy his wife a gift, but beyond that, he wanted to show the world that sexiness gives you confidence. In the year 1970s, there was no sexy outfit in the Lingerie department and it was such a taboo to buy it there.

But Roy Raymond changed the perception in the Lingerie department. Back that time, Roy wanted to market it more for men than women because he wanted them to become comfortable. Later, in 1982, it was sold to Leslie Wexner. Leslie took the brand to a new level and focusing on women by putting a face to the brand and recruiting the most beautiful girls in the world. Leslie Wexner focused on women more by normalizing sexiness and boldness in society. Victoria’s Secret is not just a clothing brand, it is something that empowered women and making them think that they could rule the world.

I suggest you to watch the video below, which tells in details the beautiful story of Victoria Secret.


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