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Two short motivational quotes for you (always strive to improve!)

FeaturedVid Jun 07

Every day is a new day to grow. And today, two simple yet powerful quotes to keep the work flowing and catch your dreams.

Leaders are never satisfied they continually strive to be better. It is a mantra that every leader should have. The moment you are satisfied is the end of your growth. A leader should understand that they need to become better every day because they lead people into greater heights. They should not be satisfied because they will become contented and this, is the start of their doom.

Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality, rather upgrade your conviction to match your destiny. We need to shoot for the stars and even if we fall at least we land in the moon. It is such a great motto to live by if you want to reach your dream. Imagine being a kid whose dreams are limitless but the moment he becomes an adult he settles for practicality and lives a normal life. You don’t want that to be you.


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