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Playful Kids Playing :)

FeaturedVid Jun 08

When I was a kid I always used to play basketball with my neighbors.  Right after school, I would usually get my ball, go to the house of my neighbors and invite them to play. The bond I created with my neighbors is crucial even in my adulthood because it gives me a sense of family and trust. Playing as a kid and developing a playful character is so important!

Playful kids tend to be more creative and spontaneous. They are resourceful and curious which is essential in their growth. Playful kids are also more likely to be happy which makes them a positive person, a person people want to be around. Playful kids tend to work with another person which makes them emphatic and team player when they grow up.

This video, shows the kid is playing with his mother. The kid’s imagination is limitless and his curiosity will be vital in his growth and can be great also for other kids to watch.


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