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On Your Birthday, Be Thankful To What Life Has Given To You!

FeaturedVid Jun 14

In modern life, we associate pleasure with tangible things such as money and the things we can purchase with it, as well as partying hard with a lot of friends and doing all kinds of show-off activities. And then there are stereotypes all around us that make us think that we can be happy only if we have a good career, only if we have a lot of friends and we party hard, only if we have a lover, we have this, we have that and all kinds of similar notions. But this is not the truth at all. True happiness doesn’t lie in any particular thing or situation, but in our attitude towards life, and if we have that attitude, we can find a lot of happiness all around us.

So this time, when it’s your birthday, break free of all stereotypical expectations. There is no need to party hard with a lot of friends, there is no need to receive a lot of gifts, there is no problem if a hundred people don’t remember your birthday, and also no problem if you don’t have a love to adore you on this special day.

Spend your birthday realising everything that you have got and be thankful for all of them. Spend your birthday cooking for yourself or doing whatever makes your soul happy, spend some time in nature among clouds, trees and cute animals and of course celebrate this special day with your loving family members. This birthday, take a break from the hectic life of present days and do something just for yourself and your soul.


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