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What are Yu-Gi-Oh card games?

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The amazing and breathtaking Yugioh card games are based on equally exciting and adventurous Yugioh television series. The series is about a simple boy who likes to play all types of games. Once when he solves a strange puzzle, a ghost takes over him. From then on, whenever Yugi or his friends have to face bad people, the ghost residing in his body activates, and challenges the bad people for dangerous shadow duels. This amazing story is then about Yugi and his friends unravelling the secrets of the ghost and related adventures.

The Yugioh card games allow the gamers to challenge each other in duels that resemble those in the Yugioh series. As a card game, the Yugioh duels are played using various cards which you can collect from the various basic, booster and special edition card packs released every few months.

If you are new to the game, you can start playing with starter decks, which contain all basic cards, with simple gameplay. For advanced players, there are various other decks like structure decks, collectible decks, duelist packs and various accessories. You can also collect special and exciting new cards from booster packs released every few months. These packs contain random cards and of varying rarity like common, rare, ultra rare, secret, and so on. This is a game of skill, strategy and luck. And the better the cards you collect, the greater gets your chances of demolishing your competitor. Besides, there are also various rules and the gameplay can also get complex. Thus you need to know all the rules before you can play and win the game. But obviously you get better with rules and strategy overtime. Till then you can always enjoy the simple gameplay with the starter decks.


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