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What Is Final Fantasy And Why Its Music So Popular

FeaturedVid Jul 13

Final Fantasy is among the longest-running video game series ever made, with its first game launching on December 18, 1987, on the Famicom. Since then it has gained immense popularity among the gaming community and even after the 30 years of its inception, the craze for this game is still high. Its latest version The Final Fantasy 15 was released in 2017 and now the work for Final Fantasy 16 is in progress. Final Fantasy is undoubtedly the most popular RPG game series of all time.

Since the release of the game, music has been an essential element of the gaming experience. The majority of the original soundtracks from the games have received critical acclaim from sources ranging from video game publications to professional music critics. Gamers love the music as much as they love the game. The Piano compilations of the game’s music are highly popular and you can find various beautiful renditions of them on the internet.

The game puts you in the war-torn shoes of a hero or a group of heroes who must battle against all difficulties to overcome a strong villain. There are typically vast, expansive worlds full of fascinating scenery. You can also gather equipment and weapons, modify your characters’ abilities, and play side quests and minigames as you work your way up to a terrible final monster. A fascinating element of the game is the beautiful and breathtaking pieces of music that accompany you through the entire gameplay.


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