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Can Astrology Really Help Us?

FeaturedVid Jul 21

Astrology is not about forecasting the future. Rather, it acknowledges that we have free will. Astrology is about estimating what effects planets and their movements have on our lives and how we can benefit from such knowledge. We know that the planets do not control us, but they do create conditions of constriction or ease that have effects on our lives.

Astrology can assist you in a variety of ways. It can reveal harmful behavioral patterns that you might have never noticed or alert you of approaching hardships. It can assist you in identifying your hidden talents and guide you about the ways in which you can develop those talents.  Astrology can also predict expansive, rewarding trends and assist you in determining how to benefit from them before they go away. Lastly, astrology is also an invaluable tool for determining the best time to take certain actions.

What people do is set unrealistic expectations from astrology. It is not about predicting exact events in the future. It can just help you in knowing when the orientation of planets is going to have a positive or negative effect on your life and of what kind would that effect be. It can just help you with preparing yourself and have that kind of mindset that is necessary for dealing with a bad time or grabbing an opportunity. It is not proper to first set unrealistic expectations from astrology and then question the science behind it when those expectations are not met.


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