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What Is VR Chat And Why It Is So Popular?

FeaturedVid Sep 13

VRChat is an online social platform based on virtual reality in which you can create your 3D avatar and interact with other player’s 3D avatar. Players may also explore a variety of virtual worlds created by others that use the platform as a creative game.

To stay ahead of the competition, social media networks are constantly evolving and adding cutting-edge technologies. Digital social interaction has completed a long journey from texting and messaging to video chatting and even animated emoticons. All the social media platforms are contending for your attention, and VRChat is the newest and most technologically sophisticated of them all. It was developed in  2017 by Jesse Joudrey and Graham Gaylo. Since then, VRChat is continuously gaining popularity in the gaming community. Several streaming sites, such as YouTube and Twitch, have notably promoted it.

The majority of the stuff on this virtual reality social site comes from users. You may customise your avatar and create your own universe to be whatever you desire.  You can take part in an interplanetary capture-the-flag game or play a traditional game of bowling with an alien life form and a robot. It’s as if you’re in a virtual universe where everything is possible. You are free to do whatever you desire.


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