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Regional Music Forms Are Now Evolving To Modern Styles!

FeaturedVid Sep 27

Music is a form of art. And art does not have any limits. An artist can express himself in endless forms in the form of his art. Similarly, music artists from every corner of the world have been expressing themselves by creating beautiful and melodious music for a long long time. This gave rise to various regional forms of music apart from the popular forms of music. Popular forms of music generally incorporate modern styles of music. However, with the changing times, many of these regional forms of music are also adopting modern styles of music and creating beautiful fusions of traditional and modern music. 

Like various forms of regional music around the world, Odia music is a beautiful regional music style that belongs to the eastern Indian state of Orissa. Odisha has a rich dance and music tradition that is a joy for all arts and culture enthusiasts. Odissi music has a rich history that spans over two thousand years. However, with the passage of time, Odia music is also changing and adapting itself with the various modern musical styles. While retaining its original identity and feel today you can find Odia music in fusion with various popular styles such as blues and pop. You listen to it once and such beautiful music just melts your heart away!


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