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Why Is Solar Energy Important?

FeaturedVid Dec 02

Solar energy is the electricity that can be generated using sunlight. For this purpose, we use a special device called photovoltaic cells that generate electricity when sunlight falls on them. This energy is then stored using various mechanisms and is sent to electricity grids for the usage of common people.

Solar energy is important because it can save the earth! Our current sources of energy mostly include fossil fuels like coal and petroleum. The problem with using fossil fuels is that the earth has a limited reserve of these. Based on the rate at which we are using them now, we won’t have any left in a few decades to come. This will not only leave us with no energy but also create a natural imbalance due to the lack of essential minerals in the earth’s crust. Another major problem with the use of fossil fuels is that the process of generating electricity from them requires burning them, which in turn generates a lot of pollution. Pollution not only corrupts the air we breathe in but also warms the earth’s environment making it less habitable for living.

Solar energy, on the other hand, depends on the sunlight which is unlimited and the process of generating electricity doesn’t generate any pollution either. In such a scenario, using solar energy can be very beneficial for our future and for mother earth as well. But as of now, there are certain challenges associated with the large scale production and transmission of solar energy, which needs to be sorted out before we can think of cutting our dependence on fossil fuels.

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