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What’s so great about Niagara Falls?

FeaturedVid Feb 10

Niagara Falls is among the most splendid wonders of nature, and it is a popular tourist destination on both the United States and Canadian sides of the border, where it is located between New York City and Ontario.  Being the oldest park in the United States, it receives approximately 14 million visitors each year.

The most compelling reason to travel to Niagara Falls is self-explanatory. It is comprised of three waterfalls: the Bridal Veil Falls, the American Falls and Horseshoe Falls. The American Falls is the largest of the three waterfalls. It is the combined effect of the three falls that generates the higher water flow rate than any waterfall on Earth. It’s a breathtaking site everyone should have the opportunity to witness at least once in lifetime. The tourism industry in the area is constantly expanding, which means there are more reasons than ever before to come and visit the area in the future.

While you visit Niagara for the falls, you’ll want to stay for the countless entertainment options that the region has to offer. Get out and see a show like Oh Canada, Eh?, which is a two-hour dining experience that features Canadian music from throughout history. Visit the Corning Glass Factory and Museum, where you can take a “Make Your Glass” class and learn how to make glass. If you’ve still got time after that, pay a visit to MarineLand, where both children and adults could get up close and personal with a variety of sea animals. Then, for the perfect way to cap off your day, be likely to capture the stunning light show that takes place back at the falls.

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