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Have You Been To Arizona State Fair?

FeaturedVid Feb 17

For more than a century, the State Fair of Arizona has served as a fun point for residents from all over the state to come together. Visitors come to this destination to take in the rich diversity of their community, to pay tribute to the past, to celebrate the present, and to explore the future. People come here to  immerse themselves in a fantasyland of amusement right at their own backyard allowing them to detach themselves from their daily routine. The fair will return a year after it was forced to cancel due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic in the state of Arizona.

There you can enjoy a variety of rides, fried and sweet fair food, and they obviously have a lot of larger than life stuffed toys to be won. Additionally, there will be plenty of amusement throughout the period, including musical acts, monster trucks races and other car races at the dirt road, balloon artists and hypnotists, as well as dancers, acrobats and other performers.  They’re also sure to please your taste buds with turkey legs, fried pickles, corn dogs, ice cream, cotton candy and much more.  However, as is always the case, vendors make an effort to come up with new and innovative cuisines for customers to love them.

The cost of a regular ticket to the fair is between $10 and $12. Children under the age of five can go free of charge. Parking ranges from $8 to $25 per day.  When compared to the previous fair in 2019, this year’s fair offers fewer discount deals and coupons. However, there are a few promos that will allow you to save a few dollars here and there. Overall, it’s a fantastic fair to visit and spend quality time with friends or family members.


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