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Benefits of Reciting Quran Daily!

FeaturedVid Feb 22

The Quran is Islam’s holy book and is held in high regard by the muslim community. Indeed, there are various advantages to reciting Quran surahs on a daily basis. Allah, the Almighty, gave humanity this Book to guide people to prosperity in this lifetime and in the afterlife. He also sent them a reliable model to aid them in their quest for knowledge through this book.

The Quran aids Muslims in comprehending the mysteries of the world in which they live. In addition, the Quran aids people in learning more about the mysteries of creation and the rules that govern the universe. If you dwell on the Quran, you will discover perfect answers to the existential issues that plague you. To be more specific, you can find solutions to questions such as the meaning of life, man’s identity, ultimate destiny, and the way to true happiness and tranquillity.

Among other things, the Quran is a handbook about how to avoid tragedies in life. Reciting the Quran while reflecting on its meanings and applying them to one’s life encourages followers to remain steadfast in the face of adversity. The Quran’s teachings also aid in the healing of our bodies and souls.

Prophet Muhammad instructed his companions to complete the recitation of the entire Quran at least once a month. This means at least one Juz of the Quran should be recited every day. Furthermore, the Prophet also instructed that the minimum time to complete the reading of the Quran is three days. He who completes the Quran’s recitation in fewer than 3 days does not comprehend it.


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