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What Justifies Inter-Racial Relationships?

FeaturedVid Feb 24

Interracial marriage is a relationship between people of different races or ethnicities. This can also refer to a marriage between persons of vastly different cultural backgrounds, however, it is most commonly associated with a marriage between white and black partners. This may seem natural in today’s society, but in the past, such a marriage was frowned upon by the majority of society. However, it isn’t that old. It was illegal in the United States until 1967 for couples of distinct races to marry. People’s attitudes have evolved significantly over time, although some still believe that marrying someone that isn’t of their race is a stigma.

Racism has long been a part of our culture. People consider white people to be superior and black people to be God’s inferior creation. Does God, on the other hand, actually make one such distinction? No, that is not the case. God created everyone equal, and we are all members of the same race in God’s view, which is humanity.

Racism was so pervasive in society at the time that whites looked down their noses at blacks and refused to even be near them. However, people’s attitudes have shifted dramatically through time. In today’s society, blacks and whites coexist peacefully and on an equal footing. There are no limits, especially when it comes to love. True love is indifferent to the colour of a person’s skin or the culture to which they belong. True love requires simply a good heart, and when two hearts are meant for each other, nothing in the world can keep them apart.


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