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Why Journalists Are Important In Today’s Society?

FeaturedVid Apr 04

Journalists are the people on whom we all rely in order to stay updated about what is going on in the world. Nowadays, a newspaper is much more than just a source of news; it is also a repository of current knowledge, an instrument of public critique, and a tool for the shaping of public opinion. In a democratic society, the media is critical to the functioning of the government. Their effect on the formation of public opinion is considerable. It is possible to describe what they do as critical thinking on behalf of the common man.

Journalists edit, organise and present information in a professional manner. They have the ability to flash a headline and generate a commotion. They conduct interviews and solicit opinions by scooping news ahead of time. It is their role in today’s society to be the voice of the voiceless, which means they convey the thoughts of everyone in our society. It acts as a link between the authorities and the general public.

Journalism is a challenging field to work in. Writing weekly, writing daily, writing quickly, writing for today’s youth who remain busy at work or for exhausted people arriving home in the evening, all of this is difficult. Then knowing to write what people need while filtering out the garbage is again a difficult task. 

Nonetheless, someone needs to do this since the modern world cannot function without a sophisticated organising and distribution system for relevant information acquired from a variety of reliable sources. And a journalist comes to our rescue.


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