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What are breast pumps and how they can help?

FeaturedVid Apr 06

In today’s era, technology is impacting and changing every aspect of our life. Today we even have technologies to help mothers in taking better care of their babies. And a breast pump is one such technology that aids the nursing mothers.

A breast pump is one such technology that aids a nursing mother. This enables working moms to guarantee that their newborns receive their fair amount of nursing despite the distance between them and their children. Nonetheless, its benefits are not confined to working women; even stay-at-home mothers can benefit from using a pump to save milk and requesting an attendant to provide the feed to the baby when necessary.

The use of a breast pump is also beneficial if the infant is unable to latch properly. He may be unable to suckle or hang on to the nipples of his mother and yet if the mother is lactating sufficiently to generate high-quality milk, then breast pumps are a great option.  The ability to pump out a significant volume of milk can also assist in feeding preterm newborns around the clock, who may require extra attention and a continuous supply of milk to survive. In addition, continuous pumping can spare a new mother from the grips of filled and the weight of her breasts after giving birth.

In contrast to all these benefits, however, pumps are unable to be a substitute for a mother. They can assist in giving nutritional support that is optimal for the overall development of the infant. However, it will never be able to completely replace the relationship formed between a mother and her child via direct breastfeeding.


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