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South Indian Cuisine Is Really Unique And Delicious!

FeaturedVid Jun 08

India is a country which is known for vast differences in cultures and traditions among its various regions. Among its various regions, South India, with all its states has its own importance and talking about cuisine, it doesn’t fail to surprise us there as well. The cuisine of the South reflects both the region’s geographical conditions, culture and traditions that have developed there over time. South India is characterized by a climate that is hot and humid, and all of its states are located on the shore. There is a plentiful supply of fresh fruit and veggies, along with rice as a result of the heavy rainfall.

Andhra Pradesh is known for its hot cuisine, which is mostly vegetarian but also has a wide variety of seafood due to the state’s extensive coastline. Chettinad cuisine from Tamil Nadu is considered to be among the spiciest in all of India. Kerala is known for  Malabari cuisine which includes delectable seafood dishes. The cuisine of Hyderabad is renowned for its abundance of flavour, spanning from hot and spicy to sour and sweet.

In general, the cuisine of South India is considered to be really spicy. Many recipes are based on rice. Rice is served alongside Sambar or Rasam which are soup-like lentil dishes seasoned with spices and chillies. Additionally, dry and curried veggies, meat dishes, a variety of chutneys made with coconut and crispy lentil pancakes called poppadums, are all a major part of South Indian Cuisine.

Idlis, Vadas, Dosas, Sambar, Rasam, Uttapams, and Payasam are just some of the well-known and loved dishes from South India. Other popular dishes from this region include chicken curry and fish curry.


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