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Dragon Ball Is The Greatest Anime Series!

FeaturedVid Jul 19

Among the most watched animated shows of all time is Dragon Ball. This series is well-liked by many individuals, many of whom are also die-hard fans of the series. When the Dragon Ball series initially began, a handful of viewers outside Japan were interested in watching anime. But the Dragon Ball series was the pioneer which aroused people’s interest in anime.  Everyone was familiar with the Goku and his buddy’s saga, and many people continued to watch it with passion.

The series has really fascinating characters, which is where the passion for it begins. Goku, a fascinating figure with abilities not present in that world, is introduced to us right away. And then a complete mystique was developed around Goku’s past and all the things that happened around it.

This was basically a traditional story with the hero’s journey, comedy aspects, and magical components all blended together to create powerful battles, which were crucial to the spirit of the show. Goku’s foes are rather simple at first, but as the journey goes on, stronger foes and allies show up.

Then comes the Dragon Ball Z with a much more serious and forward-thinking approach.  We all got to see Goku in his adulthood. In contrast to other animated programs, this one’s first season is the strongest. In this instance, the transition between eras led to a development in the storylines and supplemented the narrative world with issues and more meaningful purposes.

The next instalment of the Dragon Ball series is still eagerly anticipated. Even among those who are not fans of anime, Dragon Ball continues to be the most adored series even after all these years.


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