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How Ageing Changes The Flavour Of Coffee Beans?

FeaturedVid Jul 22

The taste properties of coffee are known to vary as it matures. It is possible that over the course of many years, if it is kept in a cold, dark place, it will undergo very little change, at most decreasing its acidity. However, the taste of coffee that has been kept in warehouses in tropical port towns that are hot and humid may drastically and surprisingly change over the years.

There are occasions when the older coffee is superior because it has more depth and lesser grassiness. In certain circumstances, new coffee can be superior to old coffee because it has a flavour that is brighter and more fresh.  Roasters may sometimes mix older and newer coffee varieties of same coffee in an effort to create a more wholesome version of the taste profile of that coffee.

However, things are a little different when it comes to aged or antique coffees. Rare traditionally aged coffees can be kept stored in warehouses for as long as 3 to 10 years, and they have the potential to give an exquisite taste.

These super aged coffees may taste unique, with a sweetness of their own, with an excessively rich flavour, sticky yet with a clean flavour. The best matured coffees often have a flavour that is described as having a sweet weight that is unmarred by bitter flavours.


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