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What’s Undersea Farming And Why It’s Important?

FeaturedVid Aug 23

Underwater farming refers to cultivating food products like fruits and vegetables underwater. To put it another way, it is a practice of cultivating plants in water rather than on land. The idea behind this method is to cultivate food using the space and nutrients offered by the oceans and seas. Plants are grown in a nutrient-rich solution without soil, in a controlled environment that is contained within the water, so that water and minerals may be delivered to the roots of the plants.

Nemo’s Garden, the world’s first underwater farm, is already in operation on the coast of Italy. The endeavour is successfully producing a variety of herbs like basil, as well as several kinds of salads, tomatoes, beans,  courgettes, green peas, aloe vera, strawberries, mushrooms and much more. Nemo’s Garden cultivates these plants by using air-filled plastic pods, also known as biospheres, which are fixed on the ocean floor. The farming process takes place inside these pods.

Industrial agriculture is having a hard time keeping up with the demands of a population that is expanding at a rapid rate. In addition, years of intensive farming are having a significant negative impact on the natural ecosystem. The overuse of pesticides, deforestation and habitat destruction, the discharge of polluting gases, and the waste of gallons of water are all factors that contribute to the degradation of our planet.

Therefore, researchers and businesspeople are keeping their fingers crossed that underwater farming might be able to solve these problems by removing the requirement for the usage of pesticides, while simultaneously lowering the amount of water consumed and the amount of carbon emissions produced. According to estimations provided by the United Nations, the world’s population could be readily fed if only 2% of the oceans were utilised for environmentally responsible farming.


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