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Regime of Anti- Doping System- ACGCS

FeaturedVid Nov 23

Doping is one of the sensitive and popular terms, generally associated with sports and games. It is one of those things from which a sports person should beware. Doping refers to the process in which a person (Sportsperson) has any kind of drugs before or during the competition for enhancing his physical power and stamina to win the competition. 

Sports authorities and associations have set up a strict regulatory framework called Anti- Anti-Doping System. For understanding more about this framework, ACGCS YouTube channel has come up with an interesting video.

The Anti-Doping System has brought a revolutionary discipline in the sports system.

There is an agency called WADA, World Anti Doping Agency has recently launched World Anti Doping Code for fighting against Doping practices.

Through this legal and important document, now the sports dignity can be saved. Because this single document has a high degree of power and say in the career of a player and in the discipline flow of the sports system.

Through World anti doping code, WADA can bring the code and conduct of rules, regulations, policies, principles within the entire sports industry and public authorities. 

ACGCS has briefly explained in their video about the  need and establishment of this compliance savior system. He explained in a precise manner about the repercussions of doping in the life of a player. 

He also explained about the pressure the Anti-Doping policy is putting on the sports authorities and players for working in the favor of compliance and dignity of sports spirit.

The formation of associations like WADA and the Anti-Doping system is the best step. As this can save the symbol of power, talent, hard work, growth, spirit called Sports. 

Bottom Line

If you want to know more about Doping and its impact on sports, have a look at the amazing creations by ACGCS. You will get to see the new side of sports and its system.


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