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Play Warzone and Takeover, your Enemies!

FeaturedVid Dec 07

Warzone is a computer/mobile game that simulates the warzone atmosphere. This first-person shooter is played in three dimensions from a first-person perspective and contains open-world exploration.

The players have complete creative control over their characters. You will be standing on a planet alone, with no other individuals to share the globe with other than the flora and fauna native to the area. You have complete creative freedom to explore and survive till the end.

The progression survival game is what makes playing warzone so entertaining. The spacesuit you were wearing and the rocket you arrived on the planet in are the only things that you can use to keep you alive (Latest update from Warzone).  However, your very first objective is to fight with your competitor to the survivor. You will be able to handle all the weapons, and you can tackle your enemies too.

They are constantly hammering it into your head that the work you do on that planet is a form of worship for your corporate overlords. To counter this, however, the fact that you survived till the end o the game to declare as the winner.

In general, it is the kind of game that, if given the opportunity, you would enjoy playing even more than usual. Survive till the last and conquer this world.


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