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Breast Cancer Awareness- A Urgent Need

FeaturedVid Dec 27

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to honor this important cause, we want to take a moment to share some facts about the disease. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women and it accounts for about one-third of all cancers diagnosed in women. Breast cancer incidence rates have been rising for both white and black women in recent years, likely due to increasing awareness and better detection techniques.

Breast cancer can be classified into four main types: ductal carcinoma, lobular carcinoma, invasive carcinoma, and adenocarcinoma. Ductal carcinomas are the most common type of breast cancer, accounting for about two-thirds of all cases. Lobular carcinomas are the second most common type, while invasive carcinomas (cancer that has spread beyond the boundaries of the breast) account for only about one-tenth of cases. Adenocarcinomas are the least common type of breast cancer and are usually fatal unless treated early.


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