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Everything you want to know about Poodles

FeaturedVid Jan 16

Poodles, along with other toy breeds, are widely considered to be among the most attractive and desirable of all dog breeds. Poodles’ popularity is well deserved, given the breed’s attractive appearance, high intelligence, and devoted nature. Poodles are wonderful dogs, and whether you’re considering obtaining one or already have one, you can always improve your knowledge of them. 

All the information you could ever want about poodles is right here. There are three distinct poodle sizes: toy, miniature, and standard. The largest of the three sizes, a standard Poodle can weigh anywhere from 40 to 70 pounds. Toy Poodles are the smallest of the Poodle breed at 6-9 pounds, whereas Miniature Poodles average 15-17 pounds. 


All poodles, no matter their size, share that distinctively curly coat. Coat colors for poodles can range from black and white to brown and cream to apricot and red and even silver and gray (two colors). 

If you want to know more about Poodles colors and the facts related to it, listen and watch directly from Professional Breeders.

There is a soft undercoat and a coarse outer coat that make up the coat. The curly appearance of a poodle is a result of its outer coat. Because they have single coats rather than double ones, poodles don’t shed nearly as much as other dog breeds. Not having a thick coat of fur to keep them warm means they also struggle in cold climates. 

If you’re thinking of getting a poodle, then you’ll want to know everything about them before making your decision. Poodles have a reputation for being high-maintenance dogs when it comes to grooming, but this isn’t necessarily true. While they do require regular grooming to keep their coats looking nice, it’s not as difficult or time-consuming as many people think. Plus, there’s nothing quite like cuddling up with a soft, fluffy poodle!


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