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Breaking Up and Moving On: A Reflection on Love and Loss in IAMSTARTRAK’s “Ride It/11:13”

FeaturedVid Feb 09

“Ride It/11:13″ by IAMSTARTRAK is a heart-wrenching tale of love and loss. This powerful rap is about a young couple who were deeply in love, both physically and emotionally. But, as is often the case with relationships, things eventually fall apart. The song is an emotional roller coaster that takes the listener on a journey through the ups and downs of the relationship and the feelings that come with its eventual breakup.


The song opens with the singer reflecting on the happy times that he and his lover shared. The couple was inseparable, always by each other’s side, and their love was passionate and intense. The singer speaks of the many adventures that they went on together and how their love seemed unbreakable. However, as time went on, things began to change. The couple grew apart, and the singer was left to grapple with the heartache of their separation.


As the song progresses, the singer’s voice becomes more and more emotional, reflecting the pain and hurt that he is feeling. He recalls the many arguments and misunderstandings that led to their eventual breakup. The singer expresses regret and wishes that he could turn back the clock and fix what went wrong. He speaks of the emptiness that he feels now that his lover is gone and how he wishes he could have another chance to make things right.

He sings of how he would do anything to be with his lover again and how he is not afraid to take the risk of loving once more. This Rap is a testament to the power of love and the lengths that one is willing to go to for the person one cares about.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, “Ride It/11:13” by IAMSTARTRAK is a beautiful and emotional song about love and loss. The singer’s voice and lyrics will resonate with anyone who has gone through a breakup and experienced the pain that comes with losing someone they care about. The song is a reminder that love is worth fighting for and that even when things don’t work out, it’s always possible to find happiness again.


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