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Ascension- A Magical and Fresh Music by Sebastian Lightfoot

FeaturedVid Mar 10

Ascension is an exciting and magical journey that humanity is taking to the new 5D Earth of love and peace. Sebastian Lightfoot’s music video Ascension is a beautiful and powerful depiction of this journey. Humanity is shown leaving the chaotic 3D planet behind and moving towards the new Earth, guided by the light of love. The music is both uplifting and inspiring, providing a perfect soundtrack for this amazing journey. The video begins with shots of a polluted and crowded city, representing the current state of affairs on Earth. However, as the music builds, we see people beginning to awaken from their sleepwalking lives and rise up into the sky, leaving behind the chaos and pollution of the old world.

Music video "ascension"

Theme of Music

The theme of music “Ascension” is very energetic and powerful. It is an animated music video depicting the 5D earth concept. The video depicts various scenes of people ascending to a higher dimension, including a scene where a person appears to be flying. The music is exciting and uplifting, and the visuals are truly stunning. This video is sure to inspire viewers to think about the possibility of ascension, and to appreciate the power of music to transport us to other realms. Ascension is a very futuristic and exciting piece of music. It shows the chaotic world in 3d and 5d animations, and you can even get to see the arrival of aliens through spaceship and their interaction with human beings. The whole piece is very thrilling and will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Filmography of Music Video

The Filmography of music “Ascension” is very dynamic. The piece starts off with a chaotic and dangerous calamity incidents. This ascending feeling is enhanced by the use of higher-pitched instruments and louder volume levels. The overall effect is one of excitement and joy, culminating in a rousing finale that will leave listeners feeling uplifted and inspired. The emotion is majorly futuristic and technical. There is no delicacy in the video. In fact, the picturization is in high tech 3D and 5D animation. The futuristic and technical approach is followed in the video. The alien interaction part highlights the possibility of human- Alien normal relation in future.

Future world

USP of Ascension

The music video “Ascension” is certainly full of surprises. From the very beginning, it is clear that this is no ordinary music video. The futuristic setting, the curious creatures, and the highly creative visuals all contribute to a feeling of wonder and excitement.This video is perfect for those who want to be transported to a different world. It is full of curiosity, creativity, and power. The visual effects are truly impressive and add to the overall impact of the video. It is clear that a lot of thought and care went into creating this masterpiece. The USP of “Ascension” music video is that it is futuristic, full of curiosity, highly creative, power packed and perfect. The video has been shot in a very unique way and the concepts used are very new and interesting. The video uses a lot of special effects which make it look very stylish and modern. The song itself is very catchy and upbeat, making it perfect for a party or club setting. Overall, the “Ascension” music video is a highly entertaining and well-made production that is sure to get people talking.

Final Word

The concept of “Ascension” is extraordinary in itself. Its Music has its own specialty. Highlight is picturization. Concept is clearly defined in whole video. The artist is highly talented and creative. From music to concept, everything is bang on in “Ascension”. Sebastian Lightfoot has designed and produced a master piece called “Ascension”. It will never let you down.

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