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Discover the Chilling Tale of ‘Prey’: A Short Horror Film by saAhki

FeaturedVid Apr 25

Welcome to the world of ‘Prey’ – a mesmerizing short horror film crafted by the talented saAhki. This spine-tingling story delves into the twisted dynamics between a man and a woman whose fateful meeting takes a sinister turn at a mysterious nightclub.

saAhki’s masterful storytelling skillfully weaves together elements of fear and intrigue, captivating viewers with each pulse-pounding moment. Prepare to be captivated by ‘Prey’, as it immerses you in a gripping tale that will leave you haunted long after the credits roll.

Prey short film

A short horror story about a man and a woman meeting at a nightclub

Step into the chilling world of ‘Prey’, a short horror film by saAhki that delves into the darkness lurking within the shadows of a nightclub. The story unfolds as a man and a woman cross paths in this eerie setting, their fates intertwined in ways they could never have imagined.

As the night progresses, an unsettling aura surrounds them, hinting at something sinister beneath the surface. Whispers of unease fill the air, sending shivers down your spine as you watch their encounter unfold with growing dread.

The tension builds steadily, each moment dripping with suspense and foreboding. Every glance exchanged between the two characters feels laden with hidden meanings and impending danger, drawing you deeper into their twisted dance of fate.

A short horror story about a man and a woman meeting at a nightclub

Plot of ‘Prey’

In the short horror film ‘Prey’ by saAhki, the plot unfolds with a mysterious and eerie atmosphere. A man and a woman cross paths at a dimly lit nightclub, their fates intertwined in an unsettling way. As they engage in conversation, subtle hints of something sinister lurking beneath the surface start to emerge.

The tension builds steadily as the characters’ true intentions come to light, sending shivers down your spine. The woman’s demeanor shifts from flirtatious to foreboding, leaving the audience on edge. Meanwhile, the man’s unease grows palpable as he realizes he may be in grave danger.

Plot of 'Prey'


The short horror film ‘Prey’ by saAhki grips viewers with its eerie atmosphere and unexpected twists. The chilling tale of a man and a woman meeting at a nightclub takes a sinister turn, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats.


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