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Tips and Tricks for Sending Cards with Non-Machineable Stamps in Plain White Envelopes

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Non-machineable stamps are a special category of postage that applies to items that cannot be processed by standard mail sorting machines. These stamps ensure your mail is handled with care, avoiding damage during the delivery process. Items like rigid envelopes, square envelopes, or those with clasps may require non-machineable stamps due to their irregular shape.

Have you ever wondered if your mailpiece needs non-machineable stamps? It’s essential to understand the criteria. One way to determine this is by examining the thickness of your envelope. If it’s rigid or uneven due to contents like trading cards, a non-machineable stamp might be necessary.

Another factor to consider is the flexibility of your mailpiece. Does it have any protruding elements that could get caught in processing machines? If so, opting for non-machineable stamps can help ensure safe delivery without damage.

How to ship cards Non-Machineable stamps for plain white envelopes (PWE)?

Tips for Sending Trading Cards with Non-Machineable Stamps in Plain White Envelopes

So, you’ve got some trading cards to send out, but you’re not sure how to go about it without them getting damaged in the mail. Fear not! With a few tips and tricks, you can ensure your precious cards arrive safely at their destination.

First things first, make sure to use non-machineable stamps for your plain white envelopes. These stamps are designed for items that are irregularly shaped or rigid, like trading cards. They help prevent damage during the sorting process.

How to ship cards Non-Machineable stamps for plain white envelopes (PWE)?

To determine if your mailpiece needs non-machineable stamps, remember that if your envelope is lumpy or has uneven thickness due to the trading cards inside, it’s best to opt for non-machineable stamps.

When preparing your envelope with trading cards inside, consider adding a “Do Not Bend” label on the front. This extra precaution can alert postal workers to handle your mailpiece with care.

Take into account using additional padding within the envelope to protect your trading cards from any potential mishandling during transit. Bubble wrap or cardboard inserts can provide that added layer of protection.

How to ship cards Non-Machineable stamps for plain white envelopes (PWE)?


Sending cards with non-machineable stamps in plain white envelopes can be a convenient and cost-effective way to share your love and well-wishes. By understanding when to use non-machineable stamps, how to determine if your mailpiece qualifies, and following these tips for sending trading cards, you can ensure that your special deliveries arrive safely and in style.


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