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Silvio Merlin – Give me a dream

FeaturedVid Mar 27

Who is Silvio Merlin?

Silvio Merlin, is a singer and songwriter originally from Pidemont, Italy, who suddenly rose to fame thanks to his participation in “Sanremo New Talents”, a spin-off for emerging artists from the popular Sanremo Music Festival, in which he was acclaimed the winner.

The story of the artist

A rare disease diagnosed less than two years ago forced Silvio Merlin, now 40, a italian singer and producer, to undergo two surgeries. The second one, which took place on March, was very risky. “I wrote a song the night before the surgery. And I promised myself that if I survived I would fully dedicate myself to my dream: music”, said Silvio in an interview.

A long suffering that ends with a new beginning: in fact Silvio was recently selected for the final of the Sanremo “New Talent” competition (a Casa Sanremo), which was then broadcasted on Sky TV. “It wasn’t the main show but it was still a great opportunity to be heard by many people. On the jury there was also be the great Vince Tempera, who directed the orchestra of the Festival”, says the italian artist.

The song

The featured song core message is what you can expect from someone like Silvio and his journey. The title, translated to english, means “Give me a dream” and the message is to never stop believing in your dreams.


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