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5 Stand-Up Comedians about culture and racism that will make you laugh out loud

FeaturedVid Apr 08

Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias, also known as the “Fluffy” comedian, combines storytelling with characters and sound effects to bring all of his life issues. His incredible ability to cross over with a clean animated comedy style has made him in high demand on the stand-up comedy circuit. If you ask someone who has been to his performance, you will almost certainly hear the same thing: He was so funny!

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart’s video “I’m Scared Of Ostriches” will make you laugh, explaining why he is scared of Ostriches and Dolphins. When he starts with “Don’t stop being racist”, clap your hands. And he is not a fan of ostriches for those who don’t know…

Trevor Noah

This comedian​ from the DailyShow explains how some world languages can be pretty scary. Trevor explains why French is the most romantic language; Russian sounds dangerous, and menacing doesn’t matter what they say.

Russell Peters

Russell Peters is a Canadian comedian. In his video of “Terrorists vs Indians” about why terrorists and Indians are entirely different, he explains why you can’t smile on your passport photo. Like they think they’re going to find terrorism by making you not smile.

Jo Koy

Jo Koy is a Filipino name, and he discusses Asian accents, his son’s shower routine, and why his mom hates socks in hampers. His dad was in the military, and one day when he was young, his father said, “Do You know why I married your mom?” because I love Chinese food. And he says, “She’s Filipino, Dad.”. Lol. And then he explains about different accents like Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and so on. If you watch his video, you will learn some Asian languages and how they speak, and the logic behind them. 


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