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3 Great Nursery Rhymes for Kids

FeaturedVid Apr 11

Rhymes and rhythm highlight the syllables in words, and understanding sounds and syllables helps kids learn!

So, nursery rhymes are beneficial to young children because they assist in the development of an ear for our speech. Rhyme and rhythm also enable children hear the sounds and syllables of sentences, which helps in their learning to read! In this post, we included a few really nice Nursery Rhymes videos for your kids! 🙂

“Baby baby” Nursery Rhyme

“B.i.n.g.o.” Nursery Rhyme

“Jonny Jonny” Nursery Rhyme

That’s it! And don’t forget that on YouTube and on this featured channel you will find as many great nursery rhymes for kids as you like, whenever you want.


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