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SWISS Boeing 777-300ER Business Class – A Close Look!

FeaturedVid Jun 04

As a natural evolution of Swiss’ award-winning cabins, the Boeing 777-300ER features all-new first and business class suites and seats designed by leading design firm PriestmanGoode, with more space, storage, and privacy.

The color palette has been changed to darker, more luxurious tones in the cabin while remaining very much on-brand for that unmistakeable Swiss look and feel – even in the Boeing 777’s entrance, which is more like a reception room.

“We were inspired by Switzerland’s design and craft heritage, as well as Swiss’ own brand name, which includes the airline’s headquarters and flagship lounges in Zurich,” says Nigel Goode, PriestmanGoode’s Co-Founding Director.

“The resulting cabins are spacious, elegant, and timeless, with the lightness of touch, precision attention to detail, and meticulous attention to detail that the Swiss brand is known for.”

Business Class on the Swiss Boeing 777-300ER

Rather than a radical makeover, the 62 business class seats are a calculated evolution of the existing and well-received design.

Headphone hangers and straps for carrying tablets and magazines, as well as more personal storage, are among the new features.

A handful of single ‘throne’ seats flanked by a pair of formidable side tables remain in the business class cabin, suitable for the single traveler.

Each seat converts into a completely flatbed that is over two meters long, as anticipated.

Internet access – as well as phone calls – are available in-flight.

A new satellite Internet service will be available to all travelers, with prices ranging from 9 Swiss Francs (A$12.60) for 20MB to 39 Swiss Francs (A$54.60) for 120MB.

Swiss will also allow you to make calls directly from your smartphone using special ‘picocells installed on the plane that mimic the mobile network you’d see on the ground.


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