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What Is Weather And Why Should We Stay Updated?

FeaturedVid Jun 04

Weather refers to the climate of a particular area on a particular day. Many people confuse weather with climate, but that’s wrong. Weather is a short-term phenomenon and climate means average weather conditions of an area over a longer period of time. 

You can say one city generally remains warmer than the other throughout the year, that’s a climate difference. But if you say today it was raining in one city while it was really hot in the other city, that’s a weather difference.

Weather is something that concerns you and your surroundings for the present day. Weather tells us if this day is going to be a rainy day, a cloudy day, a stormy day, or a hot day with sunshine. Have a look at the video below. It shows the weather update of a day for Brownsville city, Texas.

Knowing about what the weather tells us, you must have understood the importance of staying updated on it. If you know in advance what today’s weather is going to be like, you can be well prepared for it and make better decisions. Imagine a situation when you go to the beach to sunbathe with friends. But what if the day turned out to be a rainy day. All your plans will be ruined. But if you had intimated yourself with the weather updates that morning, you would have known that it would be a cloudy day and you would have avoided going to the beach that day. Similarly, weather updates can help you make better decisions in many situations.

You should daily watch videos like the above one in the morning itself. So that you stay updated on the weather for the day and be better prepared to make the best out of that day. 


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