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Good Music Doesn’t Need To Be In A Popular Language!

FeaturedVid Jun 14

Most of the songs in the world are written in english language. In fact, according to a data, around more than 60% of popular songs are in english language itself, followed by around 20% in spanish and 5% in hindi. But it doesn’t mean that songs in other languages aren’t good enough. Infact, if we dig down a little deeper, there is a huge variety of music in different languages and forms all across the world. Take this song for example.

This is a song by a passionate music composer and singer – Dylan Reshmal. It is in a different language that many may don’t understand. But even this couldn’t stop the song from getting popular. And just a few days after it was uploaded on youtube it received thousands of views. The singer says that many of his views come from people who said that they did not understand the language, but still loved the songs.

This is the beauty of music. Music is limitless and cannot be bound within a few languages or forms. Music is an expression of human emotions and imaginations, and can therefore take infinite forms. And in fact, it is not always necessary to comprehend the words of a song in order to enjoy it. The music itself appeals to our senses, and if we like it, words become irrelevant. A true music lover knows this. And therefore he has the ability to appreciate all the forms of songs. And he loves to have a huge variety of songs in his collection.


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