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Why Do People Enjoy Roller Coasters And Fun Rides?

FeaturedVid Jun 15

Enjoying adventurous funfair rides is associated with seeking extreme sensations, or the willingness to engage in a variety of interesting, unique, and extreme physical activities such as parachute jumping and rock climbing. But what is it about these rides that makes them so compelling?

May be it’s the thrill of getting the immersive experience of terror, similar to seeing a horror film, that attracts people  towards roller coasters. These rides induce a “fight or flight reaction” in our bodies, such as a racing heart beat, quicker breathing rates, and an energy surge brought on by the secretion of certain hormones like dopamine, adrenaline and cortisol, and glucose. For example, due to some research done of people enjoying a roller coaster ride, it is known that the average number of heartbeats per minute almost doubles immediately after the trip begins. Also, while such rides put our bodies to extreme stress, it is known that not all stress is bad stress. Some scientific research shows that good stress also exists which brings us pleasure.

Have a look at some extreme fun fair rides!

Fun fair and adventure rides seem to appeal to many individuals, particularly those who are extroverts and seek thrill in their life. It is because these rides make them feel the bodily feelings of terror while also knowing that they are secure in fact, due to various safety measures. This appreciation of bad feelings is often described by psychologists as “mild masochism,” which is particularly seen in humans among all species. Other forms of mild masochism include laughing at horrible jokes, watching sad and terrifying movies and eating extremely chill chillies. However it is different from  the thrills experienced by those in extreme sports, where the risk and fear of harm are very genuine.


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