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Rap Is A Compelling Way To Express Yourself

FeaturedVid Jun 18

There are various forms of music in existence today. Rock, Jazz, R&B, Pop, Soul, Indie and many more. But there is one popular music form that is Rap and Hip Hop, that allows that artist to say all he wants to say in a much more expressive way. 

Rap is a rather different form of music. In fact, there are many people who may deny to consider rap as real music at all. But whatever the technicalities be, music lovers and common people don’t care about it. Everybody, particularly the youth, loves rap, and that’s why it has such a strong appeal among the people.

This strong appeal of rap comes from the fact that rap allows artists to include much more lyrics. A song may have a few lines of lyrics followed by instrumentals and then again a few lines and some instrumental again and so on. But rap is all about lyrics. Therefore, whenever a music artist has a big story to tell, or he wants to express his views on anything, or wants to raise awareness, rap appears to be the best medium for him.

You can say rap to lie somewhere between music and just words. In fact, we can say that rap mixes words with music in such a fashion that words get a rhythm of their own. Then comes the artist, who with his accent and vocal abilities, instills those words with expression and emotions. 

Due to these reasons, rap has become one of the most compelling mediums of expressing your views. It is also a medium to raise awareness on any situation as rap songs have a strong appeal to the youth these days.


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