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Umberto Bravo – Real. “No Matter How Hard It Is, You’re Gonna Make it”

FeaturedVid Jun 18

Life is hard. And when you have big dreams or ambitions, or you want to prove yourself, it gets even more difficult. All the animals on the earth live their lives. Their life may be easier because they don’t have huge ambitions, they don’t need to prove themselves to anybody and they aren’t living for a cause. They are just living for the sake of living, that’s it. But we humans don’t live just for living. Animals have needs. But we humans have purposes. And many of us live for those purposes. 

But human life is different, we have made huge progress in all aspects of our life. And this has made our life complicated. Millions live in poverty and are required to do a lot of hard work just to satisfy their basic needs. But there are many other people who want to do more than just satisfy their needs, they want to fulfill a purpose or reach a goal. And for such people, life makes everything even more difficult. 

If you are a man with purpose, then life may surround you with all kinds of troubles. You may be dealing with poverty, you may facing racism or discrimination, may be you have bad looks and people make fun of you, may be your lover broke your heart, or whatnot. You may be lonely, discriminated against, and poor as well, but you must not be a loser. If you have a purpose, and you want to live for that purpose, don’t give in to any trouble that life puts in your path. Be determined, be focused, be relentless, and make this life give in to your passion instead.


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