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Should You Repair Your Bike Yourself?

FeaturedVid Aug 10

If you have a motorbike, it already shows that you have an independent attitude.  And when your bike starts showing some defects, as all things do after a certain amount of time, you might feel an itching to repair it yourself. There’s nothing wrong with expecting to tackle those tough repairs yourself, especially if you can save money by doing so.  Motorcycles are also easier to fix than cars since every component is visible rather than concealed beneath the chassis, and you can nearly completely disassemble the bike using simple tools like wrenches.

But is it a smart idea? Would you be able to assemble it back together? In practise, the most essential step is to ensure that you know what you’re doing, which involves reading the manual and comprehending what you’re doing step by step before you do it. 

There are a few things which you can always do yourself if you have proper understanding. You can replace your air filter or coolant, clean the drive chains, change your engine oil, maintain your brakes, or check the pressure of your tire. However there are a few really technical things like patching or replacing your tires, changing your exhaust pipe, etc., for which you should always consult a mechanic.


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