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Kick Them Out Of The Classroom – New WILD N OUT Game!

FeaturedVid Aug 11

Kick Them Out Of The Classroom is a recurrent improvisation game that debuted in Season 14 of MTV and VH1’s improv comedy programme Wild ‘N Out.

Wild And Out is a show in which two teams compete against each other in various comedy “improvisational” games. 2After finishing the first 3 games, the 2 teams engage in a freestyle battle in the “WildStyle” bonus round.

“Kick ‘Em Out The Classroom” is a new game introduced in the show in which every team member from both sides must freestyle against each other in a timed game. A member is thrown out of the classroom if he or she gets stuck, screws up the rhyme, or speaks the same thing as a prior member in the current round. When the timer runs out, the team having the most people at the desk wins the game.


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