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Is Domino’s Pizza Good?

FeaturedVid Aug 30

There are many people who like Domino’s pizzas as compared to other brand’s pizza. Domino’s Pizza seems to have its own distinct flavour. Their crust is also different from others. For their crust, Domino’s employs a bread-based dough with a high gluten level, whereas most other pizza chains use a conventional dough with a lower gluten content. A gluten component in dough is important as this is what allows it to stretch out when it is slapped out. This gives the dough a smooth chewy bread-like feel when cooked.

Frozen dough discs are used by Pizza Hut and numerous mom and pop pizzerias. This results in a stronger crust. For their thin crust pizzas, Pizza Hut utilises a very dry dough that is machine rolled, but Domino’s simply slaps out using a small sized ball of dough until it becomes thin, and if you ask them, they can also make the dough paper thin for yout, resulting in a crispier crust when paired with light sauce.

In Domino’s you can also choose how spicy your pizza is because it utilises a seasoned sauce You can simply ask for additional or light sauce to have just the right level of spiciness in your pizza. Papa John’s employs a “Sweet sauce,” which includes sugar to balance the acidity of the vegetables. 

Almost all the pizza chains use a similar type of topping except for Papa John’s, which cuts the veggies fresh every morning in its store. Most of the brands use condensed form of sauces that have to be mixed with water, although some Mom & Pop shops prepare their own sauce for a distinct flavour.

It’s a personal preference at the end. But if I am to make an ideal pizza, I would use Domino’s dough, toppings of Papa John’s, and the sweet sauce from Pizza Hut!


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