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Do You Know How Machine Gun Sounds Are Generated In Video Games?

FeaturedVid Nov 09

There are a lot of popular fighting games that we love to play. Like call of duty, fortnite, pubg and so on, there is a big list of such games that provide us with the thrill of handling fighter guns and killing the enemies. But have you ever imagined these games without sounds? It’s not possible actually. Because a major of the thrill that you feel comes from the firing sounds of those guns that you play with. You fire your machine gun and simultaneously you hear a never ending thumping sound of firing bullets that fills you with the thrill and when it kills the enemy, that makes your thrill complete. But there are no real guns in the game! Then where does this sound come from?

Like the guns are not real, the sounds are not real either. Those thrilling firing sounds that you hear are actually a result of carefully done sound design and engineering. There is a special profession of sound designers who are the people responsible for creating artificial sounds for various scenes in games and movies. Similarly, they create the sounds of the guns.

Sound designers collect sound samples from different types of guns by firing them at different surfaces. They also use a special type of microphones for this purpose and record the samples from various perspectives, from various distances, and indifferent pitches and frequencies. Later they mix these various samples created using advanced audio editing software to give you a comprehensive and almost real type and sound of firing gun!


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