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What Is Royalty Free Music?

FeaturedVid Nov 09

Today is the era of the internet and digitisation. From advertisements and entertainment to sharing ideas and education, everything has become video based. A lot of people create millions of videos daily for various purposes. And if you have ever created a video, you know that it also needs some accompanying music tracks and sound effects.

However, music tracks come at a price. Because they are creations of music artists, the artist holds the copyrights of the tracks. And as per general law, if you want to use the track, you need to keep paying the artist, periodical royalties as long as you use it. 

This was quite an expensive arrangement and due to the rising demands of music tracks, many artists around the world came up with a new offering – the Royalty Free Music! Royalty free music is a music track on which you don’t have to pay periodical royalties as long as you continue to use it. 

Many artists offer royalty free music for free where you can just download and use it. All they ask from you is that you credit them whenever you use their songs. You can also find several artists offering beautifully crafted music tracks and sound effects for a one time payment. You purchase them once and then you can use them forever without any need to pay periodical royalties.

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