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Why Do People Like Catching Catfish?

FeaturedVid Nov 09

There are many people who like to go fishing. While many fishers are happy to catch any type of fish, there are some who look only for their favourite fish. Catfish is among one such favourite fish to catch. But why? Well firstly, the catfish is a very common species. Catfish are abundant, and most populations are not harmed by recreational fishing. So you are not doing any environmental damage. And their abundance also makes it easier to catch them. 

If you live near a river, stream, pond, or lake, there’s a good chance it’s home to a variety of catfish. Catfish also swim in schools, so when you locate one, you’re likely to find several more, making for exciting and fast-paced fishing. Catfish are also fairly regular in their eating habits and the places they prefer. Once you have a basic understanding of catfish behaviour, you can easily figure out where they are and catch them even in new waters. You don’t have to land a throw exactly in front of a catfish’s nose because they track their food mostly based on smell. If you’re fishing in a catfish-friendly region, your bait may itself “call” fish to you. And that’s why for catfishing, you may also keep your equipment basic. 

However, being easy to fish doesn’t mean it won’t be adventurous. In fact, a catfish will give you the most adventurous feeling while trying to fish it. Once hooked, a normal catfish puts up a decent fight in comparison to its size. They sprint swiftly and with bulldog ferocity keep their heads down. They’ll keep battling until you can catch them in a net or sling them onboard. And on top of all this, catfish are a delight to eat as well!


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