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How To Conduct A Good Interview?

FeaturedVid Apr 26

Television interviews can be exciting and emotionally charged with lots of fun and drama to uncover. An interviewer’s job is to determine when and where to ask the appropriate questions while also making your subject feel comfortable and keeping it fun and entertaining as well. TV interviewers should be excellent listeners, ask thoughtful questions, analyse the answers given properly, and then develop those answers with their interview subject in a way that tells a complete story to the audience.

Always complete your research before the interview.  Know their qualifications and history, research their field of knowledge, and be informed of any potentially contentious discussion topics that may arise. In addition, the interviewee should be given the opportunity to make preparations for the questions that will be asked. Because you want them to be able to communicate effectively on the show as well. But just provide them with a general overview of topics that will be discussed. Because you also want to keep the things a bit spontaneous to make it exciting.

In order to get the most from this interview, it is important to have a clear idea of what you want to learn about the subject. Start with easy questions and slowly drive the discussion towards your goal. Put up the kind of questions that will make your subjects share a story. Also, don’t forget to make them feel comfortable during the interview. Make use of your body posture to convey that you are paying full attention to him as he speaks.  Allowing your interviewee to speak and share their stories with minimum guidance is the most effective way to approach your interview.


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