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Why Hip Hop Is So Popular In America?

FeaturedVid Apr 26

Hip hop is now the music of choice for everyone. It can be heard on all of the popular music radio stations. It’s being played loudly in the hallways by the students. Hip hop was born in the early 1970s, particularly in New York City, and has since spread throughout the world. Today, hip hop is among the most widely listened genres in American society, despite the fact that it was among the last music genres to emerge. 

People are almost crazy about it. Possibly because it is not just music, but a form of self expression. Hip has a lot of lyrics, and it doesn’t need to be the best music. Its heart lies in not being the best, but being you, and showing the world what you truly are.  You can simply state your feelings, with a little rhythm depicting emotions and energy about your feelings. Hip hop is also associated with a certain amount of rebelliousness, which serves to increase its popularity even further.

Hip hop has evolved into something more than a musical genre; it has become a culture in itself that has had an impact on American society since its beginning.  Hip hop culture comprises five elements including emotions, rhyme, DJ music, break dance, and the art of graffiti. These five elements together make up the appeal of hip hop so strong for the common people. It allows people to express themselves and what they stand for to the rest of the world. It’s also a medium for people to express themselves and convey what they are going through in their life or how they feel about their present situation.


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