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Watching Videos Of Nature Can Help You De-stress! Here’s Why

FeaturedVid Apr 26

Spending some time in nature has been shown to improve our memory, reduce the levels of stress hormones and minimise the feelings of anxiety or depression.  Becoming more aware of your surroundings can help you clear your mind and let you live in the present moment, and it is therefore a wonderful way to destress and relax yourself.

However, it is possible that not everyone will be able to get outside as easily. This is because of our modern lifestyle. Those people who reside in urban areas, much further from any natural landscape and have a lot of office work to do can find it tough to spend time in nature. Such people can instead watch videos of nature. Studies have shown that even watching videos of nature can have a very soothing effect on our minds, allowing us to feel relaxed and get our mind refreshed.

In modern day life, we spend much more time inside and over the internet, mostly in front of a screen. Interaction has shifted from being physical to being digital. In effect, our current way of life has distanced us significantly from mother earth, and has instead pushed us towards the accumulation of more material possessions. Anxiety and stress are caused by these reasons only.  If we want to live our lives free of tension, then it is important for us to disconnect ourselves every now and then. from our hectic lives and indulge in some soul enriching activities. We must re-establish a connection with mother earth by spending more time in natural settings.


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