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Which Type Of Music Is Best For Sleep Aid?

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We all know that music can help us reduce stress and sleep better. But have you ever pondered which type of music is best for this purpose? There has been a variety of research done by examining the music of various genres and playlists and there is no clear consensus on the best music to listen to when sleeping. But studies have often revealed that either a self-curated playlist based on what works for you or one that has been specially constructed with sleep in mind helps better.

One of the most important aspects of the way music can affect our body is the music that we enjoy listening to. Custom playlists that are effective may include music that has been calming to you or that which has helped you sleep better in the past.

When creating a playlist, one aspect to take into consideration is the tempo. The majority of research has favoured music with a beat rate of 60-80 per minute. Also considering the fact that normal resting heart rates range between 60 and 100 beats per minute, researchers believe that the body can sync better with music at this BPM. It is also a common consensus among researchers that music such as classical music and piano music is more calming to the human mind than others.

In order to accommodate those who do not wish to create their own playlists, many online platforms have stepped in and typically provide ready made playlists for specific needs. It is possible to find many playlists online that are beneficial for sleep and relaxation. However, it’s quite acceptable to try out different tunes and albums till you discover the one that suits your needs. It may also be beneficial to experiment with a few different playlists over time to find the one that works best for you.


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