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Spending Time With Pets Can Help Reduce Stress!

FeaturedVid Jun 06

The practices of yoga, meditation and writing often spring to mind when we think about ways to destress and relax in our daily lives. There is no doubt that these are effective methods. However, making a new best buddy may also have many other advantages, including those related to easing stress and improving one’s health. Having human friends may be a wonderful source of reducing stress and enjoying life. However, owning a pet can also give fantastic social support, relief from stress, and even other health advantages, possibly even more so than having human friends.

When an amazingly soft cat rubs up on your fingers, or when a pair of adorable puppy eyes contacts your eyes, it is nearly impossible to remain in a bad mood. Having a pet might also motivate people to do more exercise. Dog owners generally spend far more time walking than those who do not own pets. This is true whether we walk our dogs because it is necessary for them to do so or because we generally enjoy our walk when we have an adorable pet to accompany us.

Pets are also able to provide excellent social support and may be there for their owners in ways that other humans cannot. They are wonderful at keeping secrets, providing affection and friendship, as well as being superb snugglers. And they can also be the most effective way to get rid of loneliness.

In fact, one researcher discovered that individuals actually had less stress when being with their dogs rather than being with a caring person. The reason for this may be the fact that our dogs don’t pass judgment on us; they simply love us the way we are.

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