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The Importance Of Fashion In Our Lives

FeaturedVid Jun 06

Fashion simply means the way we look. Everyone has the desire to be attractive and to be complimented on their physical appearance. Fashion enables us to present a distinct appearance. Fashion adds colour to our lives and allows us to change the way we live over time. It’s about having grace and looking well maintained, with a tint of art in the way we dress ourselves. But fashion is not only restricted to items of clothing or cosmetics. In a much larger sense, it also includes accessories such as shoes and perfume, it includes our haircut and beard, and in fact, it also includes our manners and etiquettes. 

You are, however, mistaken if you believe that the only thing that matters when it comes to fashion is how one appears. Fashion is a means of self expression as well. The manner in which you portray yourself and the clothes that you choose to wear are direct reflections of your personality and your attitude about life. It also serves as a representation of the artist that lies inside you and provides a channel through which you may express your creativity and ideas. In this way, fashion may also serve as a means of empowering oneself and boosting one’s confidence.

Fashion is also significant because it represents a country’s culture. The clothes that we wear tell others, more quickly than anything else does, the tale of where we belong to. The history and culture of a country are the seeds from which fashion emerges and evolves; hence, fashion has a tendency to mirror these aspects of our country and locality. 

Due to all these reasons, fashion is important. It’s important to the state, to the economy, to the community, and to each one of us on an individual level.


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